Advertise on the nation’s first all-electric bus fleet!

Our local fleet of 57 electric buses provides daily routes throughout East and West Lancaster, East and West Palmdale and Quartz Hill.

Our buses are the rolling advertising canvas for local and regional clients looking to make an impact on the consumers and commuters of Antelope Valley.

Around AV provides exclusive local transit media advertising opportunities for the smallest of businesses to the largest of brands.

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Why advertise on buses?

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  • Reaches captive audiences and surrounds consumers, touching them multiple times during their daily travels where they drive, shop and dine.  
  • Excellent way to reach a large audience and offers high visibility with consistent daily views.
  • Goes where the people are and is viewed by pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic on major freeways, via main boulevards, as well as secondary and tertiary avenues
  • Eye-catching, full-color medium that exposes the ad campaign to the masses.
  • Studies have shown that it’s best used as supplemental to other media like digital.
  • Delivers reliably, targets well and builds recall
  • Simple to execute.
  • Can’t be turned off or skipped on a DVR
  • It has standardized ad sizes.
  • Unlike stationary billboards, bus ads are always moving, capturing the audience’s attention and are viewed at eye level making the advertising program impossible to miss.

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